Frequently Asked Furniture Questions

A listing of frequently asked questions and answers about our Mennonite Furniture.

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Why don't you display pricing?
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Do you build the furniture you sell?
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What are my choices of wood?
What is the difference between woods?
Is the furniture really solid wood and why choose solid wood?
What are my stain/paint options?
What are my Furniture Options? (Beds/ Tables/ Knobs & Pulls/ Upholstery/etc.)
Do you do custom work?
I'd like to have some custom work done but I dont know where to start.
How long does it take to get my order?
Is there a delivery charge?
Do you have a payment plan?
What is your warranty on Furniture?
What are some cleaning and care tips?
Wood furniture and humidity, how can I protect my furniture?

Picking Up? Here's what you need to know!

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What are common dimensions of furniture?

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Frequently Asked Furniture Answers


Why don't you display pricing?
The reason for this is that there are so many factors involved in calculating the price of a piece of made-to-order furniture. We have an extensive catalogue made of several Mennonite builder's catalogues, with each piece of furniture having many options itself. Things like the choice of wood, the choice of finish, the choice of texture (rustic, smooth, smooth-rustic), what other options are chosen including custom dimensions, handles and pulls, colour matching, and any necessary delivery or setup charges all factor into the final price. We approach the builders of these items personally so we can offer you the best and competitive price we can as a local business. These prices are also subject to change depending on the builders and finishers will, material costs, and the current market, so to continually update our website with these thousands upon thousands of factors would be quite a task. To get an accurate price based on your choices it is best to fill out a or come visit us at CraftWorks and we can take you through the process or maybe you'll find something in our showroom that suits your needs. 

What is/How do I send a Quote Request Form?
A Quote Request Form is a form that you (the customer) are able to fill out with no obligations. We will review your furniture selections and within 5-15 business days return the quote to you via preferred correspondence with prices and/or further instructions or questions. If you wish to have multiple objects quoted you can do this by clicking the "+" plus sign and make your next selection.
An example:
You're looking at a Bedroom Set and wish to quote the bed with a Hiboy and 2 Nightstands, but also would like to get a quote on the same Bedroom Set with the bed, a dresser and 2 Nightstands. The best option in this case would be to fill out another Quote Request Form with the alternate details so that we clearly understand what you want quoted together, thanks! Please note that everything you request on each form will be totalled together on the Quote we give you.

Do you build the furniture you sell?
We at the CraftWorks store do not personally build the furniture. Our furniture is produced by Mennonite communities all over Ontario, primarily in Elmira and St. Jacobs. Each builder is carefully selected to meet specific guidelines and quality standards, and our builders gladly stand behind their work.

I don't see a ______ on your website. Can I still buy one?
This depends on a product by product basis. However, it is most likely that it is still available. Our website, like our showroom, can hold only a fraction of what is available from our builders. We've tried to get most of our “most requested” items to showcase on the site. If you don't see what you're looking for, or if you see something similar but it needs changes to the dimensions, please contact us by phone or fill this information out in a Quote Request Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We would be happy to provide a quote for custom work! As well, our builders may have an item in their product line that will suit your needs. We may be able to e-mail you a photo and dimensional details. 

What are my choices of wood?
Your choices of wood range from Pine, Wormy, Brown, and Regular Maple, Quartersawn and Regular cut Oak, Red and White Cedar, Speckled Cherry, Cherry and Walnut. Please Note: Not all of our furniture is available in these woods. Please feel free to inquire about a piece if you're interested in a premium wood such as walnut or speckled cherry. The wood availability is typically portrayed on each product's individual or collection/set page. 


What is the difference between woods?
Woods depend primarily on softness/hardness, grain, and how well they receive stain, but they have a wide list of characteristics as well, read about them below!

Pine is a softer wood (though it still has strength!) with many knots and it typically shows more yellow underneath a stain as time progresses. It is a good economic choice and great if you intend on the finish being painted in ivory or darker (not pure white) colours. Pine has small grain definition, it is also a light wood which makes it great for furniture that you intend to move around frequently!
Rustic Pine:
Rustic Pine, available only for certain furniture, is pine with a rougher texture with the same softness, it accepts stain a bit differently with darker and lighter areas as the texture of the wood changes.
Brown, Wormy, and Regular Maple:
Brown and Wormy Maple are harder woods than pine, typically used in the construction of sturdier furniture like stepping stools. Wormy Maple (Ambrosia Maple) comes from regular maple trees that have been infested by the ambrosia beetle. Don't worry though the wood is kiln dried and the streaks remaining add a unique look to this hardwood without affecting its structural integrity, producing a beautiful lasting pattern!
Brown Maple contains the dark brown heartwood as well as pale white sapwood. Known for durability and strength this wood is a more economical choice than Wormy Maple. With fine grain and easy finishing, this wood will last a very long time in your home.
Oak and Quartersawn Oak:
Oak is a hardwood. The difference between regular oak and Quartersawn Oak is in the way it is cut from the tree. Quartersawn Oak requires a technique of cutting the wood diagonally from the log, skewing the grain as the boards get smaller. This reveals a different grain angle and therefore a different grain pattern, with a more rustic look. Regular Oak has that distinct wide grain pattern. Oak is a dense hardwood, resistant to insect and fungal attacks. It is the perfect choice for people with an active lifestyle, it doesn't damage easily, stains well, and suits both traditional and contemporary interiors!
Cherry and Speckled Cherry:
Cherry trees produce one of the most desirable woods used to make furniture. Cherry wood is a brown American hardwood that has a hint of pink or dark red to it. It darkens with age, and this quality is considered both desirable and beautiful. The wood has a fine uniform, straight grain, satiny, smooth texture, and may naturally contain brown pith flecks and small gum pockets. It is great at holding and achieving odd-shapes such as stretched oval shape mirrors and various other carved details. 

All of these woods will work fantastically in your home, looking fabulous in any guise, whether a bed, dining table or entertainment centre!

Is the furniture really solid wood and why choose solid wood?
Yes, all of our Mennonite furniture is produced from either Pine, Maple, Oak or other specialty woods!
Choosing solid wood is both an investment and a savings. By choosing solid wood you choose furniture that is less likely to end up in the landfill and can easily save you money in the long run. This type of furniture is durable, giving you the ability to pass these goods on from person to person. If you need to part with your possessions or your style has changed, it will be easier to find it a new home and you can feel assured that unlike MDF or particle core (which contain formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals) your solid wood furniture is eco-friendly coming from a natural and renewable resource. 

What are my stain/paint options?
You have many stains and paints to choose from please look at our Stains and Paints page. The best way to choose your stain is in person as we cannot guarantee the colour on your monitor will be accurate.

What are my other Furniture Options (Beds/Tables/Knobs & Pulls/Upholstery/etc)?
All of our Furniture Options can be found here. If you have any questions please inquire with us.

Do you do custom work?
Yes! We would love to quote you on custom furniture orders. Please be aware custom dimensions, stains, paints, or other unique changes will cost a premium decided by our builders and interpreted through us.

I'd like to have some custom work done but I don't know where to start...

There are several ways to get that unique size, shape, colour, or style of furniture you've been looking for. Typically we would ask you to pick something as close as possible from our extensive list of furniture provided by our builders. From there we have a basic idea of where you'd like to go. You can then pick dimensions, details, and stain or paint. We can also start a custom piece with a photograph or detailed drawing. We can usually make your idea a reality so don't be afraid to ask!
If it's too complicated to describe on our Quote Request Form, feel free to e-mail us your pictures or drawings, with as much written details as possible including: type of wood, the dimensions, textures, leg types, top thickness, specific wood detailing and what stain or paint you are looking for in the finish. Once we have these details we can go ahead and check with our builders to see if they can provide this, if so we will provide you with a quote!

How long does it take to get my order?
Your order should take between 6-8 weeks after in-store processing including all of your final decisions and the received payment of a negotiated deposit. If your work is custom or very detailed this can make the process longer, if the pieces are typical stock items or easy-builds this time can be shorter. If you are looking for a specific piece (Harvest Table, Bunk beds, etc) to be made in time for a gathering or gift, please ask an associate if this is possible. We cannot guarantee specific dates of completion as many things including weather, builders closings for holidays or other situations, and other factors out of our control can affect the processing time.

Is there a delivery charge?
We are a small business and have our own delivery truck service. At this point we are only able to deliver up to about 1 1/2 Truck Hours distance from our location in Peterborough Ontario. This also limits our furniture Warranty to this area as well (unless further discussed with store). The delivery and set-up fee is dependent on your location. Delivery & Set Up charge will include shipping, handling, and any necessary set up. If you are unsure if you are in our delivery area**, please contact us at (705)750-1010 for more details.

**Please note as of January 2018 we will no longer be delivering to areas west of Scarborough including Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, etc. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Do you have a payment plan?
Unfortunately we do not currently have a financing option. We can work with you though to make payment options easier. Please inquire with us for more details.

What is your warranty on Furniture?
Our warranty is a limited life time warranty and is limited by our delivery area (unless discussed). Please provide your correct address for Warranty purposes. Each piece is produced to the highest standards, however, sometimes wood can have internal problems that we can't predict or see. Our warranty covers the structural integrity of the piece. If you get it home and it cracks or becomes structurally unsound please notify us immediately. Please note: that wood expands and shrinks with the weather and humidity of its surrounding areas so panels will naturally expand and shrink with the humidity changes of your home. We do not cover finishes under our warranty including watermarks, burns, scratches, or any general wear-and-tear caused by everyday living, but we can offer advice on how to potentially fix or reverse some of these issues. It is your responsibility to take care of the surfaces of your furniture. Please read below for more information on cleaning and care.

What are some cleaning and care tips?
Feel free to contact us at any point for tips or information about your furniture!

1. Create a wood-friendly climate in your home.
Like we said, wood expands and contracts with warmth and cold. Over an extended period of time this can take a toll on your furniture, causing cracks along the grain. You can prevent this by keeping your house a moderate temperature and managing the humidity in your home.

2. Use Microfiber cloths.
Microfiber cloths make great dusters. Giving your furniture a quick dust with this cloth (water-less!) every-so-often will help the longevity of your finish.

3. Address water issues immediately.
Don't let water or liquids sit on your wood furniture for too long. Whether you've knocked over a glass or rain has come in from the window it is in your best interest to deal with the spill immediately. The finish on your furniture is designed to protect the wood for a short time, so a long time exposure to moisture can break down the stain and leave ghostly white marks. As well, moisture can cause the wood to swell and this can lead to cracks and other undesirable changes in its appearance.

4. Remove the grime!
If you have a grime build up on your furniture you'll want to remove the grime without damaging the furniture's finish or wood. This is recommended ONLY if you have grime build up (if its just mild dirt just use a slightly damp cloth to wipe down). Start with warm water and a mild dish detergent. Soak up a sponge with this solution, ring it out so it's just damp, and try a sample spot. If this works without damaging your finish, great. If it doesn't work (or the finish is altered) please stop and contact a woodworking professional to make sure you don't do any further damage.

5. Be wary of polishing or waxing your furniture.
Every finish is different, meaning that not all finishes should be polished or waxed. Polishes and waxes can contain chemicals that may actually break down your finish. Please contact us for recommendations if you wish to polish or wax your wood furniture.

Please feel free to contact us at 705-750-1010 if you need any further assistance or tips and we will do our best to provide you with a solution!

Wood furniture and humidity: how can I protect my furniture?
Again we remind you that wood is porous and will absorb and exude moisture throughout its lifetime. Every piece of Mennonite furniture from CraftWorks is a lifetime investment and it is important to take good care of the furniture to insure its longevity. Wood is happiest with an interior humidity level of 25-35% or between 45%RH to 55%RH so try to keep your home within these ranges during the hottest and coldest days of the year. Store table leaves in close proximity to the table or in similar humidity and avoid storing leaves in damp basements where the wood may be able to swell. Avoid excess moisture around the wood furniture and never wipe with a soaked cloth.

Picking up? Here's What You Need To Know!

Our furniture is hand made! What does this mean? When it's done at the finishing shop it is not placed in a box or wrapped for delivery. To save waste like bubble wrap and Styrofoam we pick up our furniture from the shop using blankets and smart organization. We recommend when you come to pick up your furniture that you bring blankets, straps, rope, or anything else to secure it in your vehicle or trailer. The environment thanks you. :)

I can't seem to find you, where are you located?
CraftWorks at the Barn is located just east of Fowlers Corners at 124 Lindsay Road in Selwyn near Peterborough, Ontario. For more information on how to get to us from Highway 115, Lindsay, Bridgenorth, or Peterborough please check out our 'Contact Us' page.

Common dimensions of Furniture 


Bedside 26 15 19
Buffet 34-38 24 60
Card 30 36 36
Coffee 19 18 36-48
Conference 30 36 96
Dining 30 40 64
End 20 17 28
Hall 27 15 55
Kitchen 29 36 60
Picnic 28 36 72
Poker 29 48 48
Printer 26 22 26
Sofa 26 14 72
Typewriter 25 18 30
Workstation 26 30 48
Twin (Regular) 6 39 75
Twin (Long) 6 39 80
Double/Full 8 54 75
Queen 8 60 80
King 10 80 80
King (Calif.) 10 72 84
Lowboy (7" leg) 36 36 18
Tall Chest (6" leg) 54 36 18
Bookcase (Paperbacks) 38 36 7
Bookcase (Hardbound) 50 36 10
Blanket 24 36 19
Cedar 20 40 19
Buffet 34 50 20





Barstool 17 17 30 42
Dining, Side 19 19 18 36
Dining, Arm 24 18 18 36
Easy 25 26 17 31
Kitchen 19 19 19 34
Kitchen Stool 12 12 27
Rocker 20 26 16 42
Upholstered 30 26 16 40

Have any more questions? Send us an email: info@peterboroughcraftworks.ca