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Please remember that CraftWorks has many builders! Each builder has various different options for each type of furniture they create, one option may not be available for a certain builder, but maybe able to be made into a Custom Order by another. Please inquire by calling our store (705-750-1010) to find out the availability of a certain option. For Frequently asked Furniture Questions click here.


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There are several ways to get that unique size, shape, colour, or style of furniture you've been looking for. Typically we would ask you to pick something as close as possible from our extensive list of furniture provided by our builders. From there we have a basic idea of where you'd like to go. You can then pick dimensions, details, and stain or paint. We can also start a custom piece with a photograph or detailed drawing. We can usually make your idea a reality so don't be afraid to ask!
If it's too complicated to describe on our Quote Request Form, feel free to e-mail us your pictures or drawings, with as much written details as possible including: type of wood, the dimensions, textures, leg types, top thickness, specific wood detailing and what stain or paint you are looking for in the finish. Once we have these details we can go ahead and check with our builders to see if they can provide this, if so we will provide you with a quote!





Roll Away Trundle (DRT)

For under most beds. Fits single size mattress. 9" high clearance inside.

3 Drawer Unit (DRUNIT)

3 Drawer to fit under most beds.

Low Footboard (60LF)

To Match any headboard.

Universal Condo Bed

Available by ASB Conestoga. Match any type of ASB's headboards. With 15" footboard. Features 4 large drawers below bed.


Most of our other builders allow slight customizations, if you are interested in any of ASB Conestoga's customizations please inquire. We may be able to communicate with the other builders on a bed by bed basis. 



Table legs can come in many different styles as the image below shows us and more than this as a table can have its own style! Not all builders can produce every style of legs but they typically offer square turned, round turned, tapered, or different thicknesses matching the style of the table. Please inquire for a specific leg style's availability with the furniture you're looking at.


Cardinal Table Legs Examples


Table tops typically only vary by thickness and texture. Most of our builders have general thicknesses of >1" to close to 3" tops. Each table's thickness is dependent on the builder and their material limitations. Please ask if you are unsure or the top thickness is not presented on the product page. Textures will be explained further below.

Extensions and Leaves

Our builders provide various styles of tables that typically fit under four categories:

1. Solid Top
Solid top tables are tables that the top always stays the same size.
Pros: Aesthetically pleasing, no table leaf joints and no need to store extra leaves.
Cons: Table cannot be lengthened or shortened to accommodate various group sizes.

2. Centre Extension
Centre Extension tables are tables that require leaves, which are added to the middle of the table top. The table can be lengthened or shortened to suit your needs.
Pros: Easy to extend and retract to accommodate your guests. Extra leaves can typically be stored inside the table. Leaf storage constraints may apply please inquire.
Cons: You may need too many leaves, leaves may need to be stored elsewhere.

3. Solid Top with End Extensions
This type of table features end leaves that insert into the end of the table via designated slots. You get the beauty of a Solid top with the bonus ability to add more room for guests.
Pros: Adds length to Solid Top when you need it
Cons: End extensions need their own storage

4. Solid Top with Drop-In Extensions
This type of table is similar to #3, but has breadboard ends which are pulled out and the leaves are dropped in-between for an almost seamless top.
Pros: Easy to extend, more support than End Extensions, easier leaf storage, can extend one side only if needed.
Cons: Breaks up the beauty of the solid top with breadboard ends, not all Drop-in extensions can be stored in table top.

Most of these options are expressed on each relevant product's page with the information the builders have given us. If you have any questions or the info is missing please contact us.


Just like table legs there are a long list of different feet that appear on each piece of furniture. Most of the furniture in our catalogues have standard feet determined by the style or builder. Any other foot type options are typically listed on the product page. If you're interested in a specific foot style please inquire with us. 


Different textures of wood are available to you through our builders. Textures can help elevate your home's rustic or modern theme depending on your choice of texture. For instance, Cardinal's Rough Sawn (Rough Cut) or Natural Wood Textures would definitely suit a more rustic tuned home. Or if you're looking to go in between a simple Hand Planed texture can help break up a streamlined modern look and add a little fun to your space. Using textures you can set the feel of a space in your home, as an example: a rough cut dining table could be a bold piece among simple dining room decor. Textures will look differently depending on the type of wood you choose as well. Please note that it is preferred to select your texture in person; you can then see and feel the texture definition more accurately than a computer screen can provide. 

Cardinal Textures:

The samples above are each in different woods meant for Cardinal Dining Tables. You can see that the Rough Sawn works particularly well with pine, while hand planed, hand scraped, and random planed work well on woods like Wormy Maple and Regular Maple

ASB dining and other furniture typically come available as Smooth, Rough Sawn, or Millsawn. 

What is the difference between woods?
Woods depend primarily on softness/hardness, grain, and how well they receive stain, but they have a wide list of characteristics as well, read about them below!

Our most common selection of woods are Pine (available in smooth or rustic), Oak, Brown Maple, Wormy Maple, and Regular Maple. Other options such as Cherry and Speckled Cherry are premium options available to you from our builders, please inquire for more details. 

Pine is a softer wood (though it still has strength!) with many knots and it typically shows more yellow underneath a stain as time progresses. It is a good economic choice and great if you intend on the finish being painted in ivory or darker (not pure white) colours. Pine has small grain definition, it is also a light wood which makes it great for furniture that you intend to move around frequently!

Rustic Pine:
Rustic Pine, available only for certain furniture, is pine with a rougher texture with the same softness, it accepts stain a bit differently with darker and lighter areas as the texture of the wood changes.

Brown Maple, Wormy Maple, and Regular Maple:
Brown and Wormy Maple are harder woods than pine, typically used in the construction of sturdier furniture like stepping stools. Wormy Maple (Ambrosia Maple) comes from regular maple trees that have been infested by the ambrosia beetle. Don't worry though the wood is kiln dried and the streaks remaining add a unique look to this hardwood without affecting its structural integrity, producing a beautiful lasting pattern!
Brown Maple contains the dark brown heartwood as well as pale white sapwood. Known for durability and strength this wood is a more economical choice than Wormy Maple. With fine grain and easy finishing, this wood will last a very long time in your home.

Oak and Quartersawn Oak:
Oak is a hardwood. The difference between regular oak and Quartersawn Oak is in the way it is cut from the tree. Quartersawn Oak requires a technique of cutting the wood diagonally from the log, skewing the grain as the boards get smaller. This reveals a different grain angle and therefore a different grain pattern, with a more rustic look. Regular Oak has that distinct wide grain pattern. Oak is a dense hardwood, resistant to insect and fungal attacks. It is the perfect choice for people with an active lifestyle, it doesn't damage easily, stains well, and suits both traditional and contemporary interiors!

Cherry and Speckled Cherry:
Cherry trees produce one of the most desirable woods used to make furniture. Cherry wood is a brown American hardwood that has a hint of pink or dark red to it. It darkens with age, and this quality is considered both desirable and beautiful. The wood has a fine uniform, straight grain, satiny, smooth texture, and may naturally contain brown pith flecks and small gum pockets. It is great at holding and achieving odd-shapes such as stretched oval shape mirrors and various other carved details. 

All of these woods will work fantastically in your home, looking fabulous in any guise, whether a bed, dining table or entertainment centre!



Only a few of our builders provide upholstery for their dining chair selections. You will see if a chair is available upholstered on it's individual product page. For more information and to see fabric swatches we recommend you visit us in store.


Please click here for stains and paint swatches.

Actual Colours may vary from the colour on your screen. Maple stains are on Regular Maple unless otherwise noted. Wormy Maple and Brown Maple will appear very similar colour wise. Please note rustic textures are limited to specific pieces we as you inquire if the builder is able to produce a rustic texture on a typically smooth item.

Due to the nature of wood and finishing products, the finished product may vary slightly from the stain/paint swatch. If you intend to order more than one piece of furniture (example: Bedroom set or table set) and want them matching in colour, please order at the same time so that they are processed within the same dye/stain batch to ensure accuracy of stain/paint match. 

For finished metal accents, the steel is available in these powdered colours or simply clear coated with the natural metal showing through:

Two Tone Finishing

Two tone is available by request. Two tone is a design technique based on painting a furniture's parts two different colours. Typically two tone is done using stain and a paint to create contrast. This technique is a new popular trend that can fit both a modern and rustic home space. The picture of the island above is a unique example of this technique. This island features a Carrington beige Distressed Base with a BarnBoard stain top. If you are interested in requesting a quote with two tone, please note which parts and where you desire the tones within the 'Two Tone: What and Where?' Section on the Quote Request Form.

Unfinished pieces are available by every builder. If you're looking for unfinished pieces to stain/paint yourself please check the circle in the 'Finish Type' section. 



Each builder offers a similar variety of hardware options. You also have the option to include no hardware so that you can apply your own. To find the builder's name please locate the 'tag' section on the product page and click to reveal; each furniture product should correspond with a builder name. 

Below are options provided by the builders:

ASB Conestoga


Legacy Furniture

Traditional Furniture

Newton and Powell Furniture

Updated List can be found here - Updated March 2018.


Our builders stand behind their work; using quality hardware to make sure that your furniture lasts through all the normal day wear-and-tear. Here is a short index of some of the other features not mentioned above, please note that not all of these features are available or occur in every piece of furniture produced.

Dovetail Drawers

The dovetail joint technique pre-dates written history. Noted for its tensile strength, it is most commonly used to join the sides of a drawer to the front. The dovetail joint resists being pulled apart by using a combination of the trapezoidal tail shape and a small amount of glue to stay together, requiring no mechanical fasteners.

Adjustable Shelving

Adjustable shelving is just as it sounds: they give you the ability to choose your own shelf height to fit whatever you need to in your furniture. Adjustable shelves are widely available, but for bookcases or wider pieces of furniture that lack centre support (armoires, wardrobes, etc) require at least one shelf to be permanent for structural stability. Most of our builders use a traditional adjustable shelf technique which involves drilling a series of holes at different height intervals in the inside sides of the furniture. From there you can set your heights by placing pins in the holes and place your shelving accordingly!

Full Extension Drawer Glides

Full extension drawer glides allow for complete access to the entire drawer for more useable space. No more blindly digging into the back of the drawer looking for that lost pair of socks! Under-mounted versions are becoming popular as they are more hidden than the side extension version. They work by using a multi-track layering system that once the first track has extended the second releases and extends after it and so on.


Felt Lined Jewellery Drawers

Newton Furnishings, one of our builders, offers felt lined jewellery drawers. Felt lined drawers are a traditional technique in furniture building. Top thin drawers with felt linings are typically reserved for jewellery to prevent it from sliding or rolling as the drawer is opened and closed. Standard deep drawers that are felt lined are typically used for storing fine fabrics like lingerie or silk. Today, many people use the top drawer on a chest of drawers to store their socks! Felt lining is a nice tradition and an indication of quality furniture!

Hidden Jewellery Mirror


Got some fancy jewellery? Or just want to feel like a spy? Newton Furnishings also offer hidden jewellery mirrors in almost every bedroom collection they produce. To open, you simply push the side in to release, store or pick your jewellery and push the side back in to hide. The perfect kind of mirror if you prefer to store your jewellery vertically!

Please note there is no customization available for this option. Mirror must be standard size. ONLY AVAILABLE BY NEWTON FURNISHINGS. 

Power Management 


Need to charge your phone but you don't want to dig around behind the nightstand or bed to find that pesky plug? Newton Furnishings and ASB Conestoga brings us this optional Power Management System hidden within their large assortment of nightstands and select furniture pieces. 

If you have any other questions about various furniture options check out our FAFQ (Frequently Asked Furniture Questions) or contact us by e-mail, this website, or by phone at (705)750-1010.