Staggered Bookshelf
Staggered Bookshelf
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Staggered Bookshelf

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Staggered Bookshelf

Size Code
36"W x 12"D x 36"H ZZ363
36"W x 12"D x 48"H ZZ364
36"W x 12"D x 60"H ZZ365
36"W x 12"D x 72"H ZZ366
36"W x 12"D x 84"H ZZ367
Size Code
48"W x 12"D x 36"H ZZ483
48"W x 12"D x 48"H ZZ484
48"W x 12"D x 60"H ZZ485
48"W x 12"D x 72"H ZZ486
48"W x 12"D x 84"H ZZ487

Booth sides are finished
Can be used as a room divider
Available with wood back by request

Available Woods: Pine, Wormy or Brown Maple



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