Yukon Turnbuckle Dining Room

Yukon Turnbuckle Dining Room

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Set features:

Yukon Turnbuckle Bench (YTB165)
16"W x 18"H x
48", 60", 72", 84", 96", or 108"L

Yukon Turnbuckle Sideboard (YT2252GH)
With Glass Door Hutch
52"W x 22"D x 80"H

Yukon Slat back Side Chair (YT20)
20"W x 20"D x 44"H

Yukon Slat back Arm Chair (YT30)
26"W x 20"D x 44"H
Yukon Turnbuckle Table

42" Width + Two 12" End Leaves
42"W x 60"L YT425
42"W x 72"L YT426
42"W x 84"L YT427
42"W x 96"L YT428
42"W x 108"L YT429
42"W x 120"L YT4210
*Up-to 16"W Leaves YT16E
More Options Available...

Available Woods: Wormy or Brown Maple, or Pine


Saw Marks on All Surfaces

Standard Pulls:

Yukon Knobs and Pulls

*Most of these pieces are customizable by dimensions, details, wood, and stain.
*Codes are for exact model in picture, alternate sizes and options will have different codes.

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